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Integrity, Honesty, Leadership: Jeff Schenck

A deserving light is shined on WPHS assistant principal, Mr. Schenk.
Grace Medina
Fundraising for theater, Mr. Schenck loses the money competition and now participates in the tape war.

West Plains High School assistant principal Mr. Schenck was chosen by Pack Press for the first ever staff spotlight. His positive energy and his dedication to the school has provided every student at West Plains a role model to look up to.

Before coming to West Plains, Mr. Schenck worked at Randall High School for 15 years. Although it was a transitional time, he was amazed with all the new opportunities West Plains brought to him.

“I really enjoy coming to school to see the students and athletes (and) how their weekend and games went” said Schenck. “It helps me catch up with their life outside of school and I enjoy that a lot.” It is clear that Mr. Schenck prioritizes his relationships with staff and students. “Even though he is in the business of student discipline, he is also an approachable advocate for students,” said English teacher Mrs. Aduddell, “He is sincerely interested in their growth and well- being.”

Alongside the staff, students have said many great things about Mr. Schenck. “He is an amazing role model for us by embodying qualities that inspire and guide us. He shows strong leadership skills by acting with integrity and honesty,” junior Gracie Venzor says. “Schenck can demonstrate the importance of doing the right thing even when it’s difficult. Additionally, showing empathy and understanding towards students and staff can create a supportive and inclusive environment. With these qualities Schenck can truly be a role model we can look up to and learn from.”

Mr. Schenck is extremely happy he moved to West Plains, as well as the staff and student body. “Try everything you can while you are in high school because once you get to the real world, you won’t get a second chance in some things,” said Schenck. From the Pack Press to Mr. Schenck, thank you for everything you do for the school and the staff here at West Plains.

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Jacie Venzor
Jacie Venzor, Journalism Staff
Jacie Venzor is a junior at West Plains High. Her favorite thing to do is play sports such as cross country and track. Their favorite part of journalism is getting to see all the amazing things about our school and the people in the community, and how everyone plays a part in the school. Their advice to future West Plains students is: “Always be yourself, don’t think you have to be someone you're not, and always remember your hard work does not go unnoticed.” 
Lauren White
Lauren White, Journalism Staff
Lauren White is a junior at West Plains High. Her favorite thing to do is to be outside with her little brother. Their favorite part of journalism is the atmosphere and collaboration with others. Their advice to future West Plains students is: “Don't let your thoughts and weaknesses bring you down, keep being positive!”
Evan Sepulveda
Evan Sepulveda, Journalism Staff
Evan Sepulveda is a freshman at West Plains High. His favorite thing to do is spend time with friends and family. Their favorite part of journalism is writing about West Plains. Their advice to future West Plains students is: “Once you have your first day, it  may seem hard and frustrating but once you go through it, everything will be okay.”

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