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Building Bright Futures – Shanna Shelton

WPHS math teacher Shanna Shelton behind the scenes.
Colby Chandler
Shelton guest leads the baseball team through an early morning yoga session.

Stretching through yoga lessons and battling test scores, West Plains High’s star teacher Shanna Shelton spends early mornings and late nights teaching. Shelton teaches various math classes at West Plains High School and is a mathematics professor at Amarillo College. Aside from this, she hosts yoga lessons in the mornings and afternoons at Amarillo Town Club. She has recently been attributed to giving lessons during West Plains High’s genius hour and team sessions. Pursuing this tedious schedule for an ongoing 15 years, she’s managed to inspire many students along the way. Through the long hours of work, she finds enjoyment through “weekends, summer, and holidays off!” said Shelton. Along with this, she encourages students to follow in her lead and “find something you love to do and make it your career.” 

Zooming on the roads you might want to watch out for Shelton, as she believes she might have a tendency to speed. Spotted throughout the halls repping her power color, blue, her moreish personality welcomes students to interact with her. When further asked about her free time Shelton jokes “What free time?” But continues to mention when not working she delights herself in spending time ranching and tending to her cows. A further insight into her life reveals her love for plants (especially the Zz plant), reading books, all breakfast food, and the film “Twister” since she is a sap for disaster movies. In the near future, she looks forward to visiting London in the summer and whatever else life might throw her way.

When West Plains students are asked about Mrs. Shelton, many tend to have similar answers. 

“She’s very energetic and contagious, it helps especially since I have her in the mornings” said junior AJ Norman. Many people know how important your mindset is at the start of any day and with such a positive teacher, it has enhanced many students’ school experience. Mrs Shelton is also described as “enthusiastic, easy going, and understanding to what you tell her,” junior Lauren Egger said. “I don’t like math or school but she’s a good teacher and I’m glad she’s my teacher.” 

Not only does Mrs. Shelton’s personality shine continuously through her actions but through the individuals at West Plains High School. To say she has made an impact on students is an understatement. This hardworking teacher has not gone unnoticed and is dearly appreciated by the West Plains community for being indescribably herself!

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Thalia Ferrell, Journalism Staff
Thalia Ferrell is a junior at West Plains High. Her favorite thing to do is compete in different sports and spend time with family as well as friends. Their favorite part of journalism is getting to connect with new people and see different perspectives on things while sharing her perspective. Their advice to future West Plains students is: “Enjoy every moment, experience, and person that comes your way. In the end, all of the little things brought you to where you are and who you are. So appreciate everything that comes your way after we're all just trying to live.”

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